This Run’s For Jack 2015 Testimonials

Why We Run:  Just a few of the stories shared by participants at TRFJ2015

  • I’m a dermatologist with the DuPage Medical Group and treat many patients with melanoma. Love this organization. Thank you! ~Dr. Herrmann
  • I am just starting my story. I had a spot on my knee removed in March. Both my 3 and 6 month check ups have been great. ~Lynn
  • Our daughter was diagnosed with melanoma 8 years ago. I think this is our 7th year we participate in this with her and her family. ~Rita
  • My mom survived melanoma for 10 years and recently passed from the disease March 22, 2015. She is a patient of Dr. Hallmeyer and she was very passionate about this race and melanoma research! Our family is very touched by this event and this race will be in our lives forever.  ~Sarah A.
  • My mother, Josephine Montes, passed away after a 2 year struggle with melanoma. It began as ocular melanoma and then metastasized into her lungs, spine, and liver. She passed on October 25, 1999 and was only 53 years old. I have been participating in this race for many years.  Thank you!  ~Emily G.
  • I have been running this race way before I was diagnosed with melanoma. After two Doctors mis-diagnosed me, I demanded a biopsy and it came back positive for melanoma. I’m 3 years cancer free, and I run for the people who lost their battle to this disease. ~Vonda
  • My brother in law was as healthy as can be when he was told that he had 6 months to live. Life changing for not only himself but for his family. He was a PGA professional and was in the sun a lot but it was a small flesh color mole on his ankle.  ~Nancy C
  • I have had several friends and family members who have been diagnosed, fought and are fighting melanoma. I sincerely hope and believe our efforts will help us find a cure and support those fighting this disease in the mean time. I love Jack’s Fund!!! ~Tom
  • My dad is Mike Juneman. Passed in 2006. We’ve been attending this race since then. Miles for Big Mike! ~Kris
  • I lost a very dear friend, Ron Diomar to this terrible illness and walking in his honor. ~Matt
  • I love participating in this race for the cause that it supports. ~Pat K
  • I was 6 the first time they told my dad wasn’t going to make it because the melanoma was too far into his lymphoid’s. I was 17 when they successfully removed a large amount of melanoma on my dad’s back. I was 20 when they took a large portion of his sca ~Elizabeth
  • I was diagnosed with melanoma twice within 2 year, the last time while I was pregnant. I have now been melanoma-free for 3 years and have a beautiful 2 year old daughter! Thank you for bringing awareness to this disease! ~Tammy
  • I went to a free screening at work and was told to have a mole checked out on my leg. I went to dermatologist and was diagnosed with Melanoma. I was the girl who always wore sunscreen and sat in the shade, how could this be? I had two surgeries in October. ~Marcia
  • I’m running for my friend Brenda Mitchell who was just diagnosed with melanoma ~Kaylee
  • Lost a wonderful friend, Sandy, one of a kind! ~Rosa
  • Lucy’s grandfather passed away this past May of melanoma. He was 85 years old. ~Lucy
  • Mother passed away from melanoma in 2012 after a recurrance following 15 years of good health from initial diagnosis. ~Sam
  • My best friend’s mom, Linda Koehling, passed away this year in March. We did this walk with her last year while she was still fighting Melanoma. Linda was a fighter who battled melanoma on multiple occasions and would never give up. So we walk for Gitty!  ~Brad
  • My brother in law, Jack Kloet, was diagnosed with melanoma in August of 2010 and died in January of 2011 after a courageous battle. ~Ann
  • My brother, Tom Holub lost his battle with melanoma in May, 2012. Every year since then we have tried to participate in this event and our team has been formed in his honor. ~Gary
  • My husband Eric “Willie” passed away at 43 in 2013 from melanoma leaving behind 3 children. Dr. Richards was his oncologist. ~Tracie
  • My husband Tim Postma lost his battle with Melanoma in Dec. 2008. He was able to attend this run in a wheel chair In Oct. 2008. His doctor’s were the dedicated team at Lutheran General Hospital. Myself, my twin sons, my mom, and Tim’s brothers & sister have walked for many year.  ~Deborah
  • My husband, Dan, succumbed to melanoma in 2003 after a 5 year battle. He was a recreational runner and my two daughters, Elizabeth and Courtney, were XC and Track runners from middle school through university where they were both scholarship athletes ~Sheila T.
  • My husband, Don Hoppe, passed away on 8/27/15 from metastatic melanoma. ~Karen

Thank you all for sharing your stories!

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