Kim Hooper Paulding and Jon Paulding, Salt Lake City, Utah

My father lived life to the fullest enjoying a marriage that spanned 41 years, produced two children and ten grandchildren all while retiring at age 55 to travel, run and bike, cook with his wife and enjoy his family.  

 He was diagnosed in June 2005 with metastatic melanoma at the ripe old age of 58 and given about 9 months to live.

Our family kicked it in to high gear and planned high adventures, travel and excitement for “The Last Summer of Fun”.  If this was it, we were going to live it up.

Through aggressive treatments, high spirits and a dose of good luck, Dan “Hoop” Hooper outlived all projections and expectations and made it with his family to the 4th Annual Last Summer of Fun.  During that last summer, he enjoyed biking in Sun Valley, fishing in Yellowstone, hiking with his children and grand children through the beautiful scenery of red-rock Utah and enjoying numerous meals with friends and family.  

It is with great honor that we continue Hoop’s running legacy by participating in the Chicago Half Marathon in memory of our Dad, Dan Hooper and have the benefit to raise funds for Jack’s Melanoma Fund so that they can continue their important and life saving work.

 Run on friends,


Kimberly Young

“My Father died of Melanoma. Raising awareness for this terrible disease is critical. My dad fought his cancer very hard and survived 4 years. He believed in living life to its fullest and I hope I can live my life in the positive manner that he lived his.”


Angela Olmsted           

“I was diagnosed with Melanoma (invasive- stage 1) during the Summer of 2008. I am very thankful to have caught it early. The diagnosis caused me to have re-evaluated my life. I have been a runner for several years. But after my diagnosis, I decided I should complete a lifelong goal of running the Chicago Marathon. I am registered for the Chicago Marathon in 2009. I would like to run the ½ marathon in Chicago as well. I saw your charity and couldn’t ask for a better charity to represent given my medical history. I would be honored to run and raise awareness about melanoma.”


Cara Alderson

“I work in a Neuro-surgical ICU in Seattle. I’ve seen the devastation of Metastatic Melanoma to the brain. My partner also has had pre melanoma moles removed. Other cancers get a lot of attention, but this one should!”


Trisha Barnard

“I want to join Jack’s Team because I have had a melanoma removed from my thigh. Plus a friend of mine from high school died from melanoma. I want to support research and I want more people to be educated on moles and melanoma.”


Monica Ghei

“As a physician I am committed to raising public awareness about melanoma and the importance of skin cancer screening and research”


Howard Goldman

“Our state (Arizona) has the highest rate of skin cancer in the US. We need awareness and to fight this disease!”


Lici Lytle

“I met Sharon and her family while filming a story for the NBC 5 2008 Chicago Marathon coverage. They are a terrific family working for a great cause, so I thought why not help!?!”


Kelly McAvoy

“The rising incidence of skin cancer in society today can be lessened through disease education and prevention. The face that people feel the need to use tanning beds instead of limiting sun exposure exemplifies just how little is known about this deadly form of skin cancer. I want to aid in increasing the awareness of melanoma in society so that in being better educated, we can reduce the risks of this cancer for our loved ones and all of society. I have known and been personally affected by those afflicted with this disease. As a biologist, I understand the difficulty in obtaining necessary funding for research. I want to contribute to Jack’s Team in the fight against melanoma and run my first half marathon along the way.”



Brian Moyer

“My dad passed away from Melanoma Cancer that spread to his brain. I thought this would be a good way to have a small part in making an impact in a cure/treatment.”


Brooke Sheetz

“Skin cancer has affected many of my loved ones including myself. I have had several precancerous spots removed off of me when I was only 19 and want to make everyone aware of this disease and how it can be prevented.”


Carmen Valentino

It’s official…I’m joining Jen.  I am excited to run but Jack’s going to have to help me out with this one :-).


Jennifer Marston

Running again for my dad and to raise money to support melanoma research efforts.








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