TRFJ Virtual Events

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Post Photos and Results Here:

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#TRFJ GOES VIRTUAL…Fighting Melanoma Every Step of the Way!

DATES: OCTOBER 16, 17 and 18

We will miss gathering in person and seeing everyone at Ackerman Park this year, but hope you will still join us as we go virtual in 2020.  By coming together (near and far), we can continue to make an impact, sharing our stories of hope as we walk, run, bike or golf in October…fighting melanoma every step of the way! 

[actionbox color=”default” title=”TRFJ2020 GOES VIRTUAL” description=”WALK / RUN / BIKE / GOLF at a location and time of your choice during the weekend of October 16th ” btn_label=”REGISTER HERE” btn_link=”” btn_color=”primary” btn_size=”big” btn_icon=”” btn_external=”1″]


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Choose one or compete in all four over the weekend of October 16-18.

  • Consider signing up for one or more events…WALK / RUN / BIKE / GOLF
  • Receive an e-bib and e-certificate upon completion.
  • Post your time or score to the leaderboard before 10.19.
  • Post your finishing photos and tag #TRFJ2020.
  • Shirts, sunscreen samples and swag will be shipped out once a week.
  • Registration fee is waived after setting-up a fundraising page and raising $100.
  • We also welcome and encourage TEAMS (social distance and face mask recommended, of course).
    • Corporate teams, neighborhood teams, schools teams, family teams.
  • More to come … we’re hoping to offer a Sunday (10.18) morning ZOOM kickoff celebration for those walking/running the traditional 5k.  And, perhaps have Angel Shoe masks available for purchase.  Stay tuned!
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[actionbox color=”default” title=”SPONSORS WELCOME” description=”Sponsorships are welcome to offset the cost of the event, allowing participants donations to fully support melanoma awareness and research.” btn_label=”SPONSORSHIP” btn_link=”” btn_color=”primary” btn_size=”big” btn_icon=”” btn_external=”1″]

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