TRFJ2017 Race Results

Fun Run

Our first successful FUN RUN!  Mother nature forced us to “Plan B” on Sunday, and we accepted her challenge … within minutes, Jack’s Fund volunteers made it all happen. What took 12 months to organize … was changed and executed in 12 minutes by an incredible group of dedicated and passionate Jack’s Fund volunteers!

Eight inches of rain fell in Glen Ellyn on Saturday … the roads were flooded and then the wind hit, knocking down trees and power lines.  At 6am Sunday morning, the decision was made, with the help of the Glen Ellyn police and park district officials, to close the TRFJ 5k course.  Safety of the runner is always first and foremost.

Time for “Plan B”!

Parking volunteers reassigned VIP spots so the runners/walkers could circle the pond in front of Ackerman Sports Center.  Vendors were relocated inside the larger tents since smaller pop-up tents were being destroyed by the wind.  The hospitality offered by the “family tent” was open to everyone.  And the remaining pieces just fell into place.  We lined up along the back curb in the parking lot and the runners ran the retention pond, like a track, four times (approximately a mile) and then crossed the finish line in front of the stage. After the runners finished, walkers had their turn to circle the pond.  Medals were awarded, marathon team thanked and Lou Malnatis pizza served. We estimate that at least 800 people were at the park on Sunday in spite of the weather, and together we raised over $46,000 (with more still coming in).

Finally, we leave you with this quote … “Challenges are what make life interesting … overcoming them is what makes life meaningful.”

We thank you all for your patience and continued support.  It was a FUN DAY!

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Thank you Jack’s Fund Volunteers!

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Thank you Bill and Dan for Stage Announcements … you were awesome!

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Team Challenge

  • Largest Team – Team Bre
  • Newest Team – Team Lydia
  • Most Funds Raised – Team Bre, Team Dave, Green Team, Marcia’s Minnions, Big Mike, Team JB

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Thank you Kate Morrison … the National Anthem was beautiful!

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Thank you Sponsors, Vendors and Doctors

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Thank you Glen Ellyn Police Department, Fire Department (ambulance) and Park District

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  1. Madison Dobes F11-12 5:47:54
  2. Elanea Shemyakin F55-59 5:54:73
  3. Carrie Wisniewski F35-39 6:06:21


  1. Jeff Purdom M30-34 4:46:30
  2. Michael Miller M13-14 5:07:48
  3. Mason Runkel M17-19 5:31:73

Ribbons:  Mailed to age group winners. Click here for results


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Thank you Benny for bringing the SPF!

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Thank You Sponsors:

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Click below for the TRFJ2017 Photo Album

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