The Jack H. Marston II Melanoma Fund Healing Garden

“Nature heals the heart and soul, and those are things the doctors can’t help. That’s what the roof top garden is all about … healing the parts of yourself that the doctors can’t.”

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Jack’s Fund celebrates the naming of the Jack H Marston II Healing Garden at the Cancer Care Center at Advocate Lutheran General Hospital in Park Ridge, IL.

Jack’s lifelong love of the outdoors led him to seek respite and solace in nature during his struggle with melanoma, so it is particularly fitting that the Rooftop Healing Garden at The Cancer Care Center is named in his honor.
The Jack H Marston II Healing Garden will benefit all cancer patients and their families. The goal is to provide a restorative garden that will allow all those undergoing cancer treatment to seek and find comfort, inspiration and strength.  The Garden is located right outside the chemo bay windows.  Nurses at the station tell us patients request in advance to have a room overlooking the garden.

The naming was in response to the Fund’s ongoing financial support of the melanoma research being conducted by Dr. Jon Richards, M.D. PhD. and his staff. We will continue to seek support and ideas to promote healing in the future.


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