Matthew Marston, Personal Trainer for Jack’s Marathon Team


St. Ambrose University, Iowa

  • B.S. Exercise Science
  • B.S. Human Performance and Fitness
  • Pursuing Masters in Medical Science


  • ACSM
  • ISSA
  • American Heart Association
    • CPR/AED/First Aid


  • Holistic Fitness
  • Injury Prevention
  • Weight Loss
  • Muscle Building
  • Sport Specific Training
  • Fexibility

Professional Experience

  • Health Track Sports Wellness
    • Master Personal Trainer
  • Glenbard West
    • Strength Coach
    • Sophomore Football Team Defensive Coach
  • Equinox Fitness
    • Personal Trainer
  • St. Ambrose Strength & Conditioning
    • Assistant Strength Coach


I treat clients like athletes and tailor custom regiments for each person to achieve their goal while preventing injury.  Training as an athlete helps you to develop overall balanced strength, preventing back pain in later life.  Training like an athlete will help increase coordination and teach your body to work as one unit. This philosophy also encompasses structural maintenance, keeping your nervous system active and nutrition.”



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