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Catching melanoma early can save the life of your loved one.  Jack’s Fund works tirelessly to raise awareness and funds to bring an end to melanoma.  In May of 2017 (melanoma awareness month), we ventured into a unique idea to advance our mission by offering attractive, quality greeting cards (blank on the inside) with a short awareness message on the back (if desired, stickers can be removed). It was a way to subtly bring attention to the disease and the statistics surrounding it. The cards were strategically placed in locally owned stores and hair salons. The greeting card intiative was such a success and received so much positive attention, we were asked to keep it going, adding different holidays to the mix.

Excited to say … at times, we could hardly keep up with the demand!

The cards are all HANDMADE by Rhoda Spohn, a Jack’s Fund Board of Director since 2004.  A small group of Rhoda’s friends volunteer to meet each week at her home, sharing creative ideas and support for one another as they construct these beautiful greeting cards. They are truly a blessing to Jack’s Fund!  Their work is incredible and has clearly made a difference!

You’ll find cards for valentine’s day, graduations, teacher appreciation, birthdays, sympathy and religious events.  Each card is inserted in a clear envelope with a small sticker on the back promoting the Jack’s Fund website and mission statement.


Rhoda & friends work tables:


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This valentines day, we’re focusing on the importance of spot-checking your valentine.  

Catching melanoma early can save your life or the life of a loved one.

Learn more here:  Understanding skin cancer

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Cards can be found at Marcels and Patty’s Place.  A small donation of $3 is appreciated.

We are very grateful for the ongoing support!

We’ll keep you posted when new cards arrive.

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POSTED BY Sharon Marston | Jan, 26, 2017 |
TAGS : educating JF Awareness