Join us to make a difference in the fight against melanoma … raise awareness about the disease because early detection is key, raise funds to support research and raise your voice to let others know they are not alone!

2017 Testimonial:

Sharon, “I met you the other day when my daughter Alex Philie from Boston ran the Chicago Marathon. I just wanted to say that upon leaving with Alex and my wife Phyl, I mentioned just how nice you all were. Then I asked Alex how you were affiliated with Jacks Fund. She explained that Jack was your husband and that you and others continue the tradition of running this great charity and have for many years.

I think it just wonderful and owe you a special thanks for embracing my daughter and for your hard work on behalf of so many folks who battle melanoma. I truly am sorry for your loss, but feel fortunate that people like you continue to give so much back.

Please let us know if you would like us to help with fundraising in our geography in future years. Thanks again to you and your entire team. Just great folks!” ~Ned

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Meet Nicholas from Jackson, WI:  When my father was diagnosed with stage 3 melanoma in 2012 the extent of my knowledge of “skin cancer” was wear sunscreen and avoid tanning beds. But as the doctors and my father struggled through his battle and the source of his melanoma was never even found I realized how little was known about the entire disease process. My father, my childhood superhero who always had an answer for me no matter the question, passed away in January 2014 at the age of 60 without a simple answer of where his cancer even started. Further research is the only way we will ever understand a disease process such as Melanoma and research cannot happen without funding. So after watching several friends over the years successfully complete the Chicago Marathon, I’ve found an opportunity and an organization that can maybe help someday give everyone an answer to why this disease happens.

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Meet Ashlie from North Muskegon, MI:  5 years ago my mother in law was diagnosed with stage 4 melanoma. A month after diagnosis, she lost her battle. I want to run in the Chicago Marathon in honor of her and to raise money and awareness to others who may be battling melanoma.

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Meet Cara from Charlotte, NC:  My sister’s biological mother was taken by malignant melanoma.

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