Marine Corps Marathon For Papa …As many of you may know, my Papa lost a courageous battle with melanoma in September of 2012.

Louis “Red” Pelosi was not only my Papa, but a decorated U.S. Marine who served bravely in the Korean War.

Ever since I can remember, my Papa was the strongest man I knew, even into his older years.

He could outswim any of us young cousins and often entertained us by hosting “Olympics” in his backyard in the summertime.

Papa loved his family and his wife, Rita, more than anything, but his passion was his service in the USMC.

Although he didn’t speak much of his time overseas, Papa marched in every Memorial Day parade and was a strong advocate for the building and dedication of the Korean War Memorial in Charleston, MA.

Papa’s battle with melanoma was a short one, although he worked all his life to be conscious about sun exposure.

His fair skin and red hair (until he went bald in his 30s!) made him an easy target for skin cancers, but Papa was always diligent with sunscreen, hats and avoiding the beach.

We lost not only our Papa, but a friend, a husband, a father, and a United States Marine Corps Veteran.

I will be running 26.2 miles in honor of Papa in D.C. and I appreciate any support you are able to contribute to meet my fundraising goals!!!

Amanda (JMT-MCM 2017)


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