I’m Betsy Groton, and I’m running the NYC Marathon in honor of my mother, Maddi, who died of Melanoma in September 2012.

My mom had always been a person I’ve admired and looked up to.

She was a great athlete-running, biking, and playing field hockey, lacrosse, and tennis-and she was constantly on-the-go.

My mom taught me not to take myself too seriously, and how to laugh at my mistakes. She brought so much light into my life and her positivity was contaigious.

Something she imprinted on my life is that “everything always has a way of working out,” so don’t stress if it isn’t working out yet.

My mom made me into the resilient, strong person that I am today, and I am so fortunate to have had her in my life for as long I did.

Something she always talked about was running a marathon, and since she never got the opportunity, I am running for her. I really appreciate all of your support 🙂

Betsy Groton – JACK’S TEAM NYC 2017





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