September is Childhood Cancer Awareness Month. This is from Ben’s father, Steve, running on Jack’s Team NYC:  “A 108% Heartfelt Thanks … I would like to thank each of the 33-individuals that donated on September 7th.  As many of you know, this day marked the 10-year anniversary since Ben’s passing.  This is always a challenging time for our family as we plan what to do to acknowledge this dubious but significant day.  Each year as the date approaches, we meet around the kitchen table discuss our options.  Do we quietly go about our day this year?  Do we throw a giant party to celebrate Ben’s life? Perhaps something in the middle?

This year, I used the day to launch my NYC Marathon Fundraising for Cancer Research.  And so many of you responded.  Throughout the day I read the alerts (with lump in throat and watery eyes) each message of support and generous contributions.  I thought it so appropriate that for this my 8th Marathon being run in rememberance of Ben’s 8-years with us, that supporters from around the country and world would come together to raise exactly 108% of the fundraising goal.  For some this is mere coincidence, a random occurrence but I choose to believe it is a nod from Ben to you and me.  I used this to inspire me through a successful 15-mile training run.  I will take inspiration in all its forms.  Thanks again for your kindness, generosity and inspiration! -Steve

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POSTED BY Sharon Marston | Sep, 22, 2017 |
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