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April 8, 2015

Jack’s Fund 6th year attending St.Charles North Health Fair

Our table is always given a prominent spot – right by the entrance to gym so the kids can’t miss it.

Had the opportunity on to speak with 2,500 high school students.

Connecting with these kids makes a significant impact on their behavior and future choices.

The young man wearing red in the picture above showed me his Jack’s Fund UV wrist band from last year.

We answered a lot of questions and concerns, handing off supporting materials to those who requested more information.

Empowered the kids with knowledge to set in motion change … now and when they go off to college.

UV WristbandMet and thanked faculty members who are now adding melanoma and skin cancer to their disease unit.

Left a large bag of sunscreen samples … Students asking for sunscreen to be made available during gym class and at outdoor sporting events/practice.

We also heard some disturbing news … CLUB CHEER COACHES are telling their teams to get a tan before competition because they are “UGLY” without one.

Dangerous and just wrong in so many ways.

Coaches are encouraging team members to go to Wisconsin where the age is 16 for tanning booths!


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