The Green Team at “This Run’s For Jack”

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Jill Darr pcJuly 29, 1967-September 20, 2009 – Picture taken August 15, 2009

Jill was a Daughter, a Sister, a Friend. Jill participated in 22 marathons. Jill was diagnosed with Melanoma February, 2009. Jill underwent surgery to remove lymph nodes, a brain tumor and a spinal tumor.Jill underwent Interferon Therapy, Chemotherapy, Radiation Therapy. Jill never stopped smiling.  Jill never stopped fighting.

Please, join us in honoring Jill Darr through support of The Jack H Marston II Melanoma Foundation.
Together we can increase awareness.  Together we can find a cure.”
~In the name of Jill Darr

In 2015, Jill’s sister Pam ran on Jack’s Marathon Team (Chicago).  She is in the blue hat, kneeling on the lower left hand side.  We are so proud of her!

IMG_0270 copy

POSTED BY Sharon Marston | Oct, 10, 2009 |