My grandfather, “Pa”, Joseph Wright’ passed away at age 76 from Melanoma. He had a wife of 51 years, 7 children, 13 grandchildren and many friends. He led an active life and was diagnosed at stage 4. He passed away 18 months later, on Easter Sunday, April 15th 2001, the date is so poignant because he was a deeply religious man, who also volunteered at the senior center in his hometown of Toledo, Ohio, doing taxes for the elderly. He was an engineer, smart, kind and soft spoken. A Midwesterner with a love of New York. I was nine years old. He didn’t get to know me as I became an adult and moved to New York, but I know he would have loved that I am now a New Yorker. I would like to commemorate his love for his family and for this city by running through all five boroughs in the New York City Marathon.


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