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In 2008, I lost my sister to melanoma. In 2013 I was proud to run the NYC marathon as part of the Jacks Fund team. Today, I am excited to announce that I have a new middle-grade novel about to be released.

SOLVING FOR M … tells the story of shy, artistic 5th grader, Mika and how a special teacher and an illustrated math journal help her deal with the impact of her mom’s melanoma diagnosis.

Perfect for fans of Raymie Nightingale and The Fourteenth Goldfish, this heartfelt middle-grade novel seamlessly melds STEAM content with first loss in an honest and striking debut.

When Mika starts fifth grade at the middle school, her neat life gets messy. Separated from old friends and starting new classes, Mika is far from her comfort zone. And math class is the most confusing of all, especially when her teacher Mr. Vann assigns math journals. Art in math? Who’s ever heard of such a thing?

But when challenges arise at home, Mika realizes there are no easy answers. Maybe, with some help from friends, family, and one unique teacher, a math journal can help her work out problems, and not just the math ones.

Debut author Jennifer Swender delivers poignant prose and illustrator Jennifer Naalchigar brings Mika’s journal to life in this perfect equation of honesty plus hope that adds up to a heartwarming coming-of-age story. ORDER YOUR COPY:  Release date:  May 28


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POSTED BY Sharon Marston | May, 08, 2019 |
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