Marathon Men: John Nannenhorn and Jack Marston training and finishing four marathons together (circa 1997-2001). Not everyone ran marathons back in the day … so this was a big deal. The 20+ year old newspaper clipping is yellowing; yet, it seems like yesterday when these two coordinated their weekends around training for marathons.  John was faster than Jack; Jack loved the challenge.  Jack had the enouraging words; John loved the push.  They were a great team and great friends.

John is again running … this time with a pair of angel wings to help him push through those tough spots and a voice in his ear telling him to keep going up that hill!  Jack will be with him “every step of the way” as John trains and runs for Jack’s Team.

Follow John’s journey as he prepared and runs the 2019 Chicago Marathon.

John Nannenhorn (JMT-Chicago)

POSTED BY Sharon Marston | Sep, 09, 2019 |