Brian McGrath pic for websiteI have been running with Glen Ellyn Runners (GER) since we moved to Batavia in 2001. Jack H. Marston II was also part of this running club and the fund created in his memory is the official charity organization for GER where “Athletes combining their marathon efforts to fight melanoma.” When I donate my hair I run a marathon with Jack’s Team too! Sharon Marston, Jack’s widow, has created the non-profit organization with a mission that I support 100%.

Brian loved the simple things in life. St. Patrick’s Day was his favorite holiday! He liked a good baseball game and he was proud of his family. When he walked into a room he brought comfort to everyone and was kind to the people he met on his journey. Even at 36 he had such a great understanding, about everything. His college roommates at Bucknell described said he would be remembered for his bright smile, good sense of humor and strength in the face of adversity. For those of us that knew him, we should feel blessed knowing that we were all part of the reason he went through so much and why he wanted to live so badly. For those that didn’t, hopefully all we do in his memory will improve the treatment for Melanoma.

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