Back in 2010, I had a new son and a new job.

I wanted to get back into running for the usual reasons: to get in shape, to de-stress.

So I signed up for a half-marathon and started training.

I had a number of reminders to see a doctor for a long-overdue physical. I was a new mom, I was starting a new exercise program, and I had a new job in the healthcare field. When I finally made an appointment for a normal check-up, it turned out to be anything but normal. A few days later, a biopsy revealed an early stage melanoma on my calf, one of the most common sites of melanoma in women. Several small biopsies and one major surgery later, I had plenty of scars and a lifetime of biannual doctor visits ahead of me, but was grateful to be cancer-free.

In October 2019, I am honored to be running the Chicago Marathon with Jack’s Fund Marathon Team!

I’ve run Berlin, TCS-NYC.  Chicago will be my 3rd Abbott World Marathon Major.  In 2018, I started my journey to run as many of the Abbott World Marathon Majors to raise funds and awareness to fight melanoma.

Sharon Mexal (JMT-chi 2019)


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