Jack and kids

10 Years …

Tomorrow, July 12, 2014, is the 10-year anniversary of Jack’s passing.

Melanoma took the life of a wonderful father, loving husband, devoted friend and committed community leader and coach.


Jack BATTLED this disease for nine months, but with metastatic melanoma, there were not many options available in 2004.  Through it all, he kept saying … “I’m gonna beat this thing!”  Perhaps he knew something we didn’t.


Ten years later, true to his words, Jack’s Fund is making a difference for others and helping them “beat this thing.”


There are options for treatments now. New therapies are being funded and approved almost yearly. Lives are saved through early detection of the disease and awareness events change high-risk behaviors.  “This Run’s for Jack” provides a place for families and friends to fight back, remember and heal.


In his memory … we celebrate all this and the lives that have been saved.


 Jack and kids 1


We know he is watching over us and guiding us as we continue to fight back and pray that another family will not have to lose a loved one to this horrible cancer.  


Someday … we will “beat this thing.”


We miss you!

Jack and kids 2

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